EURO STYLE 8" Black and Chrome Rim Lock Handle

EURO STYLE 8" Black and Chrome Rim Lock Handle

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The rim lock handle is an elegant way to bring lock and gate together. A good-looking piece of hardware on any gate, it is no wonder these are a popular partner for the rim locks, elevating your gate's look while keeping it classy and clean. 

The traditional rim lock as well as the Euro rim lock both have their partner handle. These fit snugly over the cylinders of the locks and soften the visual impact of the lock on the gate, not to mention the ergonomics as a gate handle are very good.


Manufacturers note: 

The Euro Handle 1472013 is for the Euro locks. this has a completely different design and will not fit a traditional rim lock. For use with 1490126, 1490136, 1490146 and1490156.